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  3. In phonetics and phonology, a sonorant or resonant is a speech sound that is produced with continuous, non-turbulent airflow in the vocal tract; these are the manners of articulation that are most often voiced in the world's languages. Vowels are sonorants, as are nasals like and, liquids like and, and semivowels like and. This set of sounds contrasts with the obstruents. For some authors only the term resonant is used with this broader meaning, while sonorant is restricted to.
  4. In der Phonologie ist ein Sonorant oder Sonorlaut ( Sonant) ein Vokal oder ein Konsonant, bei dessen Bildung keine Turbulenz im Luftstrom hinter der Verengung entsteht. Die Artikulationsart der sonorantischen Konsonanten steht damit im Gegensatz zu jener der Obstruenten

Sonorant, in phonetics, any of the nasal, liquid, and glide consonants that are marked by a continuing resonant sound. Sonorants have more acoustic energy than other consonants. In English the sonorants are y, w, l, r, m, n, and ng. See also nasal; liquid Sonorants. Sonorants are a class of speech sound types which do not involve obstructions in the vocal tract that interrupt the air flow or generate turbulent sound. Sonorants stand in distinction to obstruents, which do have obstructions and/or generate turbulence. Within the class of Sonorant are found vowels, diphthongs, approximants and nasals. Some authorities also include flaps and taps as sonorants (we don't here) son·o·rant. (sŏn′ər-ənt, sō′nər-, sə-nôr′-) n. A usually voiced speech sound characterized by relatively free air flow through the vocal tract and capable of being syllabic, as a vowel, liquid, or nasal. [ sonor (ous) + -ant .] American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition

noun. a voiced sound that is less sonorous than a vowel but more sonorous than a stop or fricative and that may occur as either a sonant or a consonant, as (l, r, m, n, y, w). a speech sound characterized by relatively free air passage through some channel, as a vowel, semivowel, liquid, or nasal.Compare obstruent The class of sonorants includes vowels, semi‐vowels, liquids, and nasals, with the sonorant consonants sometimes being referred to as resonants (e.g. Laver 1994). There is abundant cross‐linguistic evidence for natural class behavior of these segments. For example, in languages where consonants can be syllabic, the class of syllabic segments is almost always restricted to sonorants (Imdlawn Tashlhiyt Berber is an exception; see Dell and Elmedlaoui 2002). Further, there. Sonorants. MÁLA — /m/ Northern Western Southern MEALL — /mʲ/ Northern Western Southern NAOI — /nˠ/ Northern Western Southern NEART — /nʲ/ Northern Western Southern ANSIN — /n/ Northern Western Southern Note 1) Because Southern speakers used. Sonoranten und Obstruenten Jochen Trommer jtrommer@uni-leipzig.de Universität Leipzig Institut für Linguistik Einführung in die Phonologie - WS 2006/200 Find 175 ways to say SONORANT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus

A sound produced with the vocal cords so positioned that spontaneous voicing is possible; a vowel, a glide, or a liquid or nasal consonant. 'She also found a sex-linked effect with initial sonorants vs. obstruents: obstruents were hotter on males, sonorants on females, though only the female effect was significant.'. More example sentences Definition of sonorant. 1 : resonant. 2 : a nonvocalic resonant sometimes with the exclusion of \r\, \y\, and \w\ Als Obstruent (auch Geräuschkonsonant, Geräuschlaut) werden Sprachlaute, genauer: eine Gruppe von Konsonanten, bezeichnet, bei denen eine Verengung oder ein Verschluss der Artikulationsorgane gebildet wird, wodurch der Phonationsstrom durch Nase oder Mund behindert oder unterbrochen und ein spezifisches Geräusch erzeugt wird

The class of sonorants includes vowels, semi-vowels, liquids, and nasals, with the sonorant consonants sometimes being referred to as resonants (e.g. Laver 1994). There is abundant cross-linguistic evidence for natural class behavior of thes Sonorants are those articulations in which there is only a partial closure or an unimpeded oral or nasal scape of air; such articulations, typically voiced, and frequently frictionless, without noise component, may share many phonetic characteristics with vowels SonorantIn phonetics and phonology, a sonorant or resonant is a speech sound that is produced with continuous, non-turbulent airflow in the vocal tract; thes..

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Examples of how to use sonorant in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Lab How can we tell apart different sonorant consonants - your [n]s and [m]s, [l]s and [ɹ]s? What do their sound waves look like? In this week's episode, we take.. Cruttenden, A. (2008), Gimson's pronunciation of English Cruttenden's classification of sounds according to their noise component due to the degree of constriction in the vocal tract leads to two classes of sound - obstruents (comprising plosives, fricatives and affricates) and sonorants (nasals, approximants and vowels). Knight, R. Syllabic consonants in most languages are sonorants, such as nasals and liquids. Very few have syllabic obstruents, such as stops and fricatives in normal words, but English has syllabic fricatives in paralinguistic words like shh! and zzz Examples Germanic languages. In many varieties of High.

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sonorants of the glottal tension dimension (which by default implicates the gesture [slack]) [12]. Gussmann [8] notes that Polish sonorants are voiced except for a position between voiceless consonants or after a voiceless obstruent before pause, like in krta [krta ] larynx, wiatr [vjatr] wind, kadr [katr] frame or rytm [r tm] rhythm. Examples of how to use obstruent in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Lab

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