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Twitch Total Followers Record (As of June 2020) (Picture: Ninja) Ninja - 14,714,093 - Fortnite; Tfue - 8,603,621 - Fortnite; Shroud - 7,069,584 - Variety Streamer (FPS Games) Myth - 6,609,359 - Fortnite; summit1g - 5,360,108 - Variety Streamer (FPS Games) Twitch Channels with the most total views (Picture: Riot Games Most Watched Most Streamed Highest Peak Viewership Most Popular. #1. Call of Duty: Warzone. 1,591,532. peak viewers. #2. Grand Theft Auto V. 1,127,768. peak viewers So many viewers are watching Twitch right now that the streaming platform has set a record for hours viewed. According to StreamLabs, a partner app for Twitch streamers, Twitch surpassed 3.1.. TheGrefg smashes most Twitch stream viewers record. Fortnite gamer David TheGrefg Cánovas Martínez (Spain) has smashed a monumental Twitch streaming record. The most concurrent viewers for a Twitch stream was achieved by Martínez on 11 January 2021, with a huge 2,468,668 peak concurrent viewers The game nearly eclipsed Riot's own record with its flagship title, League of Legends, which holds a Twitch-record 1.74 million concurrents

Not only is David TheGrefg Martinez now the owner of the highest individual viewed stream on Twitch, he absolutely dwarfed the old record, which was held by famous content creator Ninja. Over two.. Most Watched Fastest Growing Highest Peak Viewership Most Popular Most Followed. #1. tommyinnit. Partner. EN. Minecraft. Seen a day ago. 609,567. peak viewers Twitch Channels, Games and Global Statistics · TwitchTracker. 2,156,537. Viewers watching. 107,075. Channels broadcasting. 3,057. Unqiue games live. 3,209,675. Created with Highcharts 9.1.0

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All Time Peak Viewers Hours Watched Rank Followers Gained Total Followers Total Views #1: TheGrefg: 30154: 153 hours: 2470347: 4612510: 37 + 137069: 7287983: 140296023 #2: ELEAGUE TV: 1422: 11.4 hours: 1088063: 16167: 3346-1315: 1657942: 138112035 #3: PlayStation: 2194: 56.1 hours: 1014646: 122977: 1576 + 4302: 719766: 30142042 #4: Fortnite: 14457: 33.2 hours: 700529: 479246: 226 + 86692: 4234090: 92672532 #5: Riot Games: 80460: 86. To record locally in XSplit, click Record at the top of the window, then select the scene you'd like to record. Alternatively, click the Record button

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The Highest Peak Viewership Games on Twitch, May 202

With AOC Gathering 350,000 Concurrent Viewers today, she has managed to get herself into the twitch record books. While that might not be the highest, The SportsRush looks into the rest of the Twitch view Records. Twitch is a game streaming platform owned by Amazon is by far the most popular streaming platform in the world currently. Formerly known as Justin.tv launched in June of 2011, the. A week ago GTA V set its new record on Twitch with 438,085 Peak Viewers. The last time the game was so popular on the platform during summer 2020, back then it had around 300K Peak Viewers on average. During the first week after NoPixel 3.0 release the game collected 36.4M Hours Watched, which is twice as much as in the last week of January

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Find out which games are the most played on Steam and which are the most watched on Twitch right now! GitHyp. Current Video Game Statistics for the Current-Gen Gamer. Search ← Older posts. Log in Sign up. Player Counts Counter-Strike: Glob 594k players. Just last month, Fortnite 's game-breaking Black Hole event set the record for most concurrent viewers on Twitch with a peak of 1.6 million viewers. Riot Games' MOBA easily surpassed that number with 1.7 million viewers tuning into Twitch to watch the Grand Finals of Worlds 2019 TunesKit Screen Recorder is one of the best gaming recorders for twitch. It can help you record everything plays on the screen of your PC or Macbook, such as a computer game, a video call, a video tutorial and so on. Moreover, you can use it to do some quick video editing. So today we will talk about how to record gameplay for Twitch channel TheGrefg has just broken Twitch's all-time concurrent viewer record with over 745,000 viewers. That number continues to climb, as he counts down the hours until his official Fortnite skin is debuted. The previous record was also held by TheGrefg, which pulled in massive numbers during Fortnite's Galactus event This list shows the channels and streamers with highest concurrent peak viewers for 2021. Highest Viewership is the single peak viewer numbers for a twitch channel in 2021. Only the highest reached viewer count will be shown. Clicking the arrow will show the date and the game played when highest viewer numbers was reached

TheGrefg smashes most Twitch stream viewers record

  1. New Viewer World Record on Twitch with over 2.5 Million Concurrents . Spanish Fortnite streamer The Grefg smashed the world record for concurrent viewers on a single stream by having more than 2.5 million concurrents tuning in. 12.01.2021 By Kai Liebe . One of the biggest names in the Spanish-speaking internet The Grefg was to be honored with his own special in-game skin in Fornite.
  2. Twitch records. The launch of the PS5 seems to have set the record for concurrent Twitch viewers, with estimates ranging from 2.8 million to 3.1 million. This edged out the previous record of 2.3 million set by Fortnite's 'The Device' event. These were multichannel events
  3. TennoCon also brought in a record number Twitch viewers for the game - 433,476 at the peak, up from 419,497 at TennoCon 2019, and 407,693 at TennoCon 2018, as TwitchTracker shows. In a press..
  4. On an average day, 15 million people view game videos on Twitch. This number includes both gamers who stream their gameplay and enthusiast who go to watch other people play. In some cases, gamers get tips from pros on how to improve their own gameplay. 9. 590 million bits have been cheered on Twitch. Bits are virtual goods that Twitch users can buy to cheer in chat. This can be used to support.
  5. Games Teams Search Directory Milestones Articles About Patreon Timezone (UTC) SullyGnome - Twitch stats and analysis Twitch viewers between Wednesday 5th May and Tuesday 11th May. Expand Image Show offline Live channels grouped by follower size between Wednesday 5th May and Tuesday 11th May . Expand Image Show offline This site is in no way affiliated with Twitch. Please do not scrape this.

VALORANT draws near-record 1

Previously, Fortnite held the record for most viewers across Twitch, pulling 2.3 million concurrent viewers to its season-ending Device event in June of last year. But these viewers were spread.. Drake and Ninja just smashed Twitch's viewer record playing Fortnite By Andy Chalk about 3 years ago Yes, it's the real Drake, and he's playing on Twitch. A new single-streamer Twitch record was.. Grefg has just broken Twitch's all time concurrent viewer record — the record he currently holds already — with over 700,000 viewers and counting waiting for his Fortnite skin reveal. just insane pic.twitter.com/9bzi0dfwPc — Rod Breslau (@Slasher) January 11, 2021 The Twitch Concurrent Viewers Record is Broke Twitch is one of the most popular platforms for streaming games online. In this video I've collected and compiled a few different ways that you can record th..

Twitch Streamer TheGrefg Breaks Viewership Record Game Ran

Twitch is a big online streaming platform for gamers, and you can watch many interesting streams on Twitch. If you don't know how to save streams on Twitch, you can choose to record Twitch streams with some Twitch screen recorders. This article will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to record Twitch streams on Windows PC and how to record on Twitch with MacBook Shroud Gets More Than 500K Viewers In First Day Back On Twitch Shroud boasted a huge return to Twitch, but still fell under Ninja's record of 600K concurrent viewers. By Mark Lugris Published Aug 14, 2020 After taking an extended break from streaming, Michael Grzesiek, aka Shroud, has returned to Twitch, nearly breaking Ninja's viewer record Twitch and Facebook Gaming experienced a record number of viewers throughout January, amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A report published by StreamElements and Rainmaker.gg revealed both..

According to Twitch, the game broke the single-day hours watched record in a single game category with 34 million hours watched. Meanwhile, the game hit a peak concurrent viewer total of 1.7.. Highest Viewership is the single peak viewer numbers for a twitch channel in 2021. Only the highest reached viewer count will be shown. Clicking the arrow will show the date and the game played when highest viewer numbers was reached. CURRENT YEAR. LAST YEAR Peak viewers. Peak channels. Viewer distribution. Game picker. 3 days. 7 days. 14 days. 30 days. 90 days. 180 days. 365 days. More Most watched games on Twitch in the past 7 days. This site.

The Highest Peak Viewership Twitch Streamers, May 202

XSplit is a trusted live streaming and recording software for gaming, presentations and live events. Start streaming on Twitch or YouTube for FREE Start streaming on Twitch or YouTube for FREE Product Der Twitch-Stream mit den meisten Zuschauern. Den internationalen Twitch-Zuschauerrekord eines Einzel-Spielers hält immer noch Ninja, der im März 2018 unter anderem mit Drake Fortnite zockte und damit über 600.000 Zuschauer begeisterte Recommended For: Streamers with 0-10 concurrent viewers. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game generally has a great streamer to viewer ratio. Witcher 3 is one of the stand out games of the last decade but sometimes suffers from being oversaturated with streamers.If you want to start building a following in the Witcher niche, Gwent is a mini-game that has a following in its own right Twitch: Kleine Tools für Zuschauerinteraktion. Posted on Juli 23, 2020 Juli 23, 2020. Als Streamer ist man immer wieder auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen Tools für seinen Stream. Was kann ich Neues einbinden oder machen, um den Stream von anderen abzuheben oder dem Zuschauer etwas interessantes zu bieten. In den letzten Jahren sind einige Tools und Gadgets hinzugekommen, die deinem Stream.

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Twitch-Streamer Tyler1 konnte in seinem ersten Stream nach dem League of Legends-Bann einen neuen Zuschauer-Rekord aufstellen. Stellenweise sahen über 386.000 Nutzer die Übertragung an TheGrefg bate el récord mundial de 'viewers' en Twitch con la presentación de su 'skin' de Fortnite El de Heretics y principal creador de contenido del 'battle royale' en España.

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  1. Views Run. If you're looking for an easy, high-quality way to automate your Twitch actions, then you need to check out Views Run. Not only do they offer viewer features, but they also offer followers features as well, and channel view automation too
  2. 1 Million Twitch Viewers Prove Valorant Is Already 2020's Biggest Game A massive 1 million viewers are tuned into the Valorant category on Twitch, which bodes incredibly well for Riot Games' latest project. Suffice to say that Valorant is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of 2020
  3. g stream of all time. no one else is even close. This record may remain intact for quite some time, or at least until TheGrefg comes along and breaks it once again
  4. The event saw a total of 2.3 million viewers on Twitch across various channels. This broke the 1.7 million viewer record set by League of Legends during last year's World Championship. The game beat the viewer record of Fortnite with a little over 1.7 million viewers that year (Fortnite got a 1.7 million viewer turnout at the Black Hole event)
  5. Twitch confirmed the record-breaking viewership last night, shortly after TheGrefg's stream finished and his Fortnite skin was unveiled. ¡Vamos! @TheGrefg now holds the record for most concurrent.

Streamers with the highest peak viewers on Twitch

  1. Fortnite's chapter-closing The End event last week saw 1.7 million people watching a non-descript, swirling black hole concurrently on Twitch at one point, breaking a Twitch record for most..
  2. utes viewed reached an astronomical number
  3. Update: Twitch has confirmed the new record, and said that the stream peaked at 628,000 concurrent viewers. Kate Jhaveri, SVP Marketing, Twitch: Ninja and Drake's Fortnite livestream on Twitch.
  4. Official numbers released by the platform show that a record-breaking 2.9 million concurrent viewers tuned into Twitch at one point on June 10. The previous record for total concurrent viewership.
  5. Update, March 16th, 04:00AM ET: Updated with comment from Twitch, and confirmed the record as 628,000 concurrent views. In This Stream Fortnite: everything you need to know about the world's.

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  1. How to record your gameplay. To test recording, go to Settings->Recording and enable the functionnality. You also need to provide a file path with a file extension. In this example, we are recording to test.mkv in the current folder using the Save Output Recording as... entry. You then need to launch a game, and your session will be recorded. Options like Use GPU Recording can be used to.
  2. Most Watched Games on Twitch. This ranking features the top games on Twitch by total hours watched and also includes the esports hours watched for each title. Esports hours consists of content from professionally organized esports competitions and does not include individual (pro-player) streams. With a Newzoo Pro subscription, users have access to the top 1000 games and channels and can.
  3. The well-known Twitch streamer known as Grefg has officially smashed the concurrent viewership record for Twitch after surpassing 2 million on a recent stream. angle-left angle-righ
  4. g made easy. Stream live to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook in just a tap. Widgets set up automatically. Share your camera or screen. Download our mobile app for free and stream on the go. Open in Play Store. Close
  5. g session that broke audience records. Jorge G. García. 20 Jan 2021 - 08:31 UTC. A young Spaniard named David Cánovas, known on the internet as.
  6. A lot of Twitch Views. You can check out a video of the stream below. Last night, Drake and Ninja got together with some Controlla -s to play some of Epic Games' Fortnite

Most Viewed Twitch Stream Ever : Which Games and Streamers

Twitch streamer TheGrefg breaks concurrent viewer record with over 2.4 million viewers. A new record has been set for the most concurrent viewers on Twitch thanks to TheGrefg's latest stream League of Legends is the most-watched game with an average of 145,148 viewers. ELEAGUE TV holds the all-time record for concurrent viewers - 1,088,063. Games Done Quick is the streamer with most subscribers - 36,934. Twitch is taking the gaming industry one step further. Coming up are the numbers that prove it, starting with the latest data.

GTA 5 peak viewers record on Twitch in February Streams

Monday night the game peaked at more than 1M concurrent viewers on Twitch, but on Tuesday, WoW as a whole recorded 11.7M hours watched, as numerous high-profile streamers played marathoned the game during 24+ hour long streams in an attempt to clear as much of the game's content as they could before needing to sleep Twitch is huge. If you're a gamer, you've probably watched someone else's content on the platform. Twitch has millions of users from around the world, with new users joining all the time

Grefg peaked at 2.5 Million viewers on Twitch to by FAR smash the record for the highest concurrent viewer count for a single gaming stream of all time. no one else is even close just incredible. Twitch Plays Pokémon (TPP) is a social experiment and channel on the video game live streaming website Twitch, consisting of a crowdsourced attempt to play Game Freak's and Nintendo's Pokémon video games by parsing commands sent by users through the channel's chat room.It holds the Guinness World Record for having the most participants on a single-player online videogame with 1,165,140 Twitch streamers often use their inviting personalities or high-level gaming skills to attract viewers to their streams, but it sometimes takes a little bit more to get people tuning in. Tyler. Dr. DisRespect isn't just one of Twitch's biggest streamers. He's also broken the platform's record for most concurrent viewers, according to new statistics from Twitch The event topped out at 2.3 million live viewers across multiple channels on Twitch, according to Twitch's own stats. This surpasses the previous record held by League of Legends, with just a.

egitubegamer - Twitch This surpasses the previous record held by League of Legends, with just a hair over 1.7 million viewers during last year's World Championship, the game's biggest annual esports event

Download SimuliX Twitch Stream Viewer for free. Tool for viewing Twitch-Streams on the Desktop Buffered and Lag-Free. This Programm is, as it is now, an standalone Tool, that downloads it's prerequisits by itself. Please put in an New Folder before first Run Drake dropped in to a Twitch gamer's live-streaming channel on Wednesday night -- and ended up busting the record for most concurrent viewers for a single creator the game-casting site

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League of Legends Worlds 2019 Breaks the All-Time Peak

When the viewer finds an item in the box, an alert is displayed in the alert box. The box delivers only those items that the viewer does not own. The access codes are automatically assigned to the viewer account and removed from the channel loot box. The loot box algorithm is the same as the one used in loot box systems in electronic games So yes, TheGrefg just doubled Twitch's previous concurrent viewer record, and he's got his own Fortnite skin, due to hit the Item shop on January 16. It's part of the Icon series, and joins. Use Twitch Stats to Up Your Game. The Channel Analytics tool on Twitch can help you understand what your viewers like. You will get a full list of stats, including the average time spent by a viewer, your maximum viewer count, the time you spent streaming, and much more. Here is the full list of available stats: Average Viewers: The average number of viewers who watched your entire stream. Video game news 1/11/21: TheGrefg Twitch streamer breaks viewer record, 67% of 2020 UK game sales were digital, Killzone website retired

Over 600,000 People Have Tuned In To Watch Drake And NinjaWarframe PC News | PCGamesN

Just Chatting saw record views on Twitch in November 2020. According to the latest State of the Stream report from StreamElements and Arsenal.gg, the Just Chatting saw a resurgence that led to. According to Kotaku, a week after Drake started following Ninja on Insta, the pair teamed up last night for a game and together they set a new record for the most concurrent viewers on a single. Valorant entered its much-anticipated closed beta release today with a bang. Just hours after launch, the hot new Riot Games title has already taken the #3 spot on the all-time Twitch viewership record list, breaking the near-1.7m mark set by the Fortnite World Cup finals in 2019.. There are a whole lot of people stuck at home right now due to COVID19 Resolution refers to the size of a video on a screen, and frame rate refers to how often animation frames are sent to Twitch. Full HD resolution is typically 1080p, 60 frames per second (fps). Streaming at a higher resolution like 1080p requires a higher bitrate, and a higher frame rate takes more encoding power. If you have the bandwidth and encoding power to stream at 1080p, 60 fps, great.

For years now, Twitch's record for most concurrent viewers on a single streamer's channel has been hotly contested, with streamers topping each other in slow-building increments. Today. The previous Twitch record for non-tournament rounds was Dr. Disrespect's 388,000, while Eleague Major: Boston 2018 still holds the all-time Twitch record with 1.1 million views. Still, Drizzy's. Former Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect has congratulated Spanish Fortnite streamer Grefg on breaking a Twitch viewership record. Herschel Guy Beam IV, better known by his online alias Dr Disrespect, became an immensely popular Twitch streamer before being banned from the platform last year.Grefg, real name Gregory Cánovas Martínez, is a popular Fortnite streamer based in Spain

TaySon - Streamer Profile & StatsThe Overwatch League

S1mple's Twitch stream sets a new personal viewership record. The second best CS:GO player of 2020 - s1mple, is an inspiration to many in the gaming community. The 23-year-old has come a long way since his time in Team Liquid both inside the server and as a human being. Though s1mple does not stream on a regular basis, he tends to attract a. The mobile gaming industry continues to thrive. The games grew incredibly on Twitch both by hours watched and peak viewers in 2020. Read about the incredible growth of Garena Free Fire and the success of other mobile games in the new Streams Charts article Whether you're a viewer or a streamer, picking the right video game live streaming service is crucial. Amazon's Twitch reigns supreme, but Facebook Gaming presents a serious challenge. Here's. Spanish streamer Grefg has broken the Twitch record for most concurrent viewers for any individual streamer while debuting his new skin in the 'Fortnite' game. Grefg shattered the live streaming concurrent viewer record, peaking at an absurd 2.5 million viewers, reports news portal ShackNews

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